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HP-UX Web Server Suite is a collection of popular open source tools customized and optimized for HP-UX platform.

The following components are part of the suite:

  • HP-UX Apache-based Web Server
  • HP-UX Tomcat-based Servlet Engine
  • HP-UX Webmin-based Admin
  • HP-UX XML Web Server Tools
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          your web server (if enabled)
          login: admin     password: hp.com

    HP-UX Web Server Suite version 2.16 is mainly a security and bug fix release for the following components.

  • HP-UX Apache-based Web Server:
        - Apache is updated to v. 2.0.58 to fix security
        - MOD_PERL is updated to v. 1.99.16 to fix bugs

    Please refer to the release notes for details.

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